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Guest post: Working with a half pixelstick

Pixelstick’s size is one of its best features. Creating photoreal images at 6ft tall has yielded some of the most impactful shots we’ve seen. But sometimes circumstances call for something a bit more compact, and when this happens, it’s great to know that with a little bit of reconfiguring, pixelstick can be used at half size with great results. (…more)

Achieving photorealistic effects in-camera with pixelstick

Pixelstick is a versatile tool that can serve many roles in a shooter’s setup, but one of the things that truly sets it apart from other photo lights is its ability to read and display photorealistic images into a long exposure. To achieve all the brilliant reflection and spill of a normal in-camera light with the added benefit of that light taking any form you wish is a useful option to have in your kit. (…more)

Animating with Pixelstick #1

Animating with pixelstick is both fun and rewarding, and there are a million ways to do it. Over the next few weeks we’ll visit some of the most common methods and walk you through how we ourselves do them. This time around we’ll be exploring how to animate a single image in place – basically an attempt to get a similar shot multiple times and stitch it into a delightfully wiggly short timelapse. The entire tutorial is encapsulated in the video below but we break it out step by step afterwards if that’s your preferred learning method. Enjoy!


Abstract art in thin air.


Much of the impetus behind creative photography comes from the desire to capture fleeting moments. Whether the subject is people, places or simply light, we as photographers want to evoke feeling – nostalgia, affection, joy, melancholy, or, as is often the case with pixelstick, wonder.  (…more)

I, Wedding Photography, take you, pixelstick…

Downright striking. The white ribbon is practically buzzing with energy and the symmetry is off just enough to keep it feeling organic. The bride and groom pop just enough to keep them the center of attention. Courtesy of Stephen Govel.
Though we love pixelsticking for the sheer fun of it, numerous working photographers have found pixelstick to be a welcome companion on professional shoots. The pro uses run the gamut from fully staffed shoots that lean heavily on pixelstick as a central concept to solo event photographers who are using pixelstick to offer their clients extras that the competition doesn’t. After all, how many wedding photographers can convincingly line up the happy couple with a platoon of storm troopers? Or envelop them in dazzling ribbons of light? Below we highlight some of the best and most interesting work from shooters with access to both a pixelstick and an adventurous couple.  (…more)

The Fine Art of the Portrait

They say there’s nothing new under the sun (or nihil sub sole novum for you classic types) and everything has been done before. They’re probably right, but that’s never stopped people from trying. That’s why when these shooters below got a look at pixelstick, they figured it’d be a good way to introduce a fresh element to their portrait photography. (…more)

Expo, expo, read all about it

We’re fresh off pixelstick’s first big tradeshow event, the PDN Photplus Expo in Manhattan, which is one of the larger and more exciting photography related events on the east coast. We spent much of September and October preparing our booth, which had somewhat unusual requirements for a tradeshow booth as we had to simulate evening/relative dark in a large open room fill with light. (…more)

Tune up your car photography with pixelstick.


Image courtesy of Steffen Jahn Photography

When we began shooting with the early pixelstick prototype, it was apparent we were on to something pretty interesting. But as cool as the stuff we were getting was, we were even more excited to see how other photographers were going to use it. Later, when pixelstick hit the market, we immediately began to see amazing automobile photography lighting up our social feeds. It’s a perfect example of a specific use for pixelstick that hadn’t even occurred to us, and in the ensuing months, car photographers (both professional any hobbyist) have been among the most prolific and consistently exciting members of the pixelstick community. (…more)

Taking pixelstick for a spin


When we first began shooting with pixelstick and feeling out new techniques, we were excited to try spinning pixelstick like a propellor to see how it looked. As usual, pixelstick delivered, and we found the images produced with this method can be both interesting and unpredictable, with lots of varied outcomes based on how the selected image is constructed, how centered the spin is, and how fast or slow pixelstick is spun. (…more)

25 of our favorite pixelstick GIFs

A geometric sheet in Prospect Park

One of the things we were most excited about when building pixelstick was the idea of stitching multiple lightpainted long exposures into animations. It’s something we hadn’t really seen done before and we were pretty sure pixelstick would allow people to do it competently and compellingly. (…more)