Halloween by Pixelstick


Happy Halloween everyone! We shot in and around the pixelstick office, which as you can see is already relatively scary looking before we added various unsettling elements with pixelstick. Download the image pack by clicking here – it’s chock full of brand new spooky bitmaps.


In the right context, even simple eyes look scary rather than just scared. We framed this without knowing what artwork we were going to put there, simply because the frame was too good to pass up. Luckily, building management doesn’t lock the door of the roof.


The original artwork had some compression artifacts, otherwise we love this shot, especially how the image is sort of a penninsula in the sense that it has no hard edge on three sides, so it’s good to lay directly against the surface (or as close as you can get.)


Got a lot of mileage out of the roof, obviously. This skull ribbon is a simple pixellated skull that we drew in photoshop and then repeated a bunch of times. We think it turned out great.


Vampire Lips just signed a 5 year lease for a lovely warehouse space on the second floor.


Fun Fact: In addition to being extremely unsettling, these teeth were the cover art for the 1983 Swans album Filth.


Similar to the skull ribbon, a pixellated ghost ribbon over an alley puddle.


I’m not sure he knows what’s coming.


Different crop.


This one is a comp of 3 shots because the lights were on and we couldn’t find the breakers.