Pixelstick meets SpiroJib

We’re always interested in the various ways people go about getting the most out of their equipment. Skilled lightpainter, tool-builder, and all-around pleasant guy John Griffin had his eye on designing a device to¬†help him create spirograph-style images with a variety of light sources, and soon after building what he calls SpiroJib, he contacted us for some extra parts to help him mount his pixelstick to it. The results John was getting with SpiroJib were impressive enough already, but when combined with pixelstick they became truly awesome.

The SpiroJib is constructed from a gear and pedal system from a bike. With a simple modification John was able to mount his pixelstick to the rotating arm.

12654374_541153526053002_4897081168322956141_n 12670618_541153519386336_6804274913772719200_n


Once mounted, he was able to shoot these really excellent images:

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Want your own SpiroJib to go with your pixelstick? Well, good news – John very kindly released instructions for creating one.