Guest post: Working with a half pixelstick

Pixelstick’s size is one of its best features. Creating photoreal images at 6ft tall has yielded some of the most impactful shots we’ve seen. But sometimes circumstances call for something a bit more compact, and when this happens, it’s great to know that with a little bit of reconfiguring, pixelstick can be used at half size with great results.

In the video below, pixelstick shooter John Griffin steps through the process of moving the battery holder and handle bracket to the top half of pixelstick to create a fully functional half pixelstick that takes 100 pixel tall bitmaps. Thanks, John!

Below are a few of the images John captured with his modified pixelstick:

Light-Painting-Johnny-Griffin-05 Light-Painting-Johnny-Griffin-04 Light-Painting-Johnny-Griffin-03 Light-Painting-Johnny-Griffin-02 Light-Painting-Johnny-Griffin-01