I, Wedding Photography, take you, pixelstick…

Downright striking. The white ribbon is practically buzzing with energy and the symmetry is off just enough to keep it feeling organic. The bride and groom pop just enough to keep them the center of attention. Courtesy of Stephen Govel.
Though we love pixelsticking for the sheer fun of it, numerous working photographers have found pixelstick to be a welcome companion on professional shoots. The pro uses run the gamut from fully staffed shoots that lean heavily on pixelstick as a central concept to solo event photographers who are using pixelstick to offer their clients extras that the competition doesn’t. After all, how many wedding photographers can convincingly line up the happy couple with a platoon of storm troopers? Or envelop them in dazzling ribbons of light? Below we highlight some of the best and most interesting work from shooters with access to both a pixelstick and an adventurous couple. 


The wonderful thing about using pixelstick as an Event photographer is the versatility it affords. Sure, you can overlay text in post, but you’ll never be able to achieve the beautiful reflections and spilling light that pixelstick brings to the party.

Have you used pixelstick in your Wedding and/or Event photography? We’d love to hear about it!