Expo, expo, read all about it

We’re fresh off pixelstick’s first big tradeshow¬†event, the PDN Photplus Expo in Manhattan, which is one of the larger and more exciting photography related events on the east coast. We spent much of September and October preparing our booth, which had somewhat unusual requirements for a tradeshow booth as we had to simulate evening/relative dark in a large open room fill with light. We constructed an 8′ x 10′ wooden booth with a roof to give folks a chance to stretch pixelstick’s legs a bit, mounted our Canon 5D mk II to the wall and tethered it to lightroom, so that people using pixelstick in the booth could see their results instantly, and added the piece de resistance, our custom built sign that rolled through a bunch of really great looking colored patterns. The stage was set for a great show. We were blown over by the enthusiastic response from attendees, most of whom were not at all familiar with pixelstick prior to seeing our booth, and were eager to give it a try once they saw what it was capable of. It was also a good chance to meet people who already had pixelstick and talk a bit about their experiences so far, which were overwhelmingly positive on the whole. Many people wanted to see demonstrations and to talk and read a bit more about the tool, but even more wanted to get their hands dirty and give it a go themselves. We lost count of how many jaws hit the floor when they saw the raw image come up on the monitor in lightroom and people were able to see the beautiful things they were creating with pixelstick right in camera. Page through for some selects that we thought captured the spirit of the event, or click here to go straight to the rather massive slideshow.